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  • Latest Weekly Interest Rates

    BY Joe Safranek

    10/17/19 - Rates move upward over the past week on favorable economic news while yield curve turns slightly positive. If you're in the market to buy or looking to refinance, don't hesitate to call or email me and I'll provide you with a choice of ...

  • South Bay Residential New Active Listings

    BY Joe Safranek

    10/12/19 - New listings in the South Bay this past week.  Is there a property here that might interest you?  As your new home or as as an investment?  Or maybe for comparison to your current home?  Call me and let's see about open houses. ...

  • South Bay Residential Income Properties For Sale

    BY Joe Safranek

    10/12/19 - Here's what's for sale on the local MLS in the beach cities.  Email me if you're looking elsewhere, such as Hawthorne or Torrance, and I'll get the information to you.  If there's a property that interests you, I'll provide a complementa...

  • North Redondo Beach Index Comparison For 3rd Quarter 2019

    BY Joe Safranek

    10/10/19 - Here are the 3rd quarter results for my North Redondo Beach home price indices, which represent the three main residential property types there.  For greater details, contact me and let me show you what value looks like in this area. ...

  • North Redondo Beach Index Results For 3rd Quarter 2019

    BY Joe Safranek

    10/10/19 - Both the "Tall & Skinny" and "Two-On-A-Lot" indices showed declines from the last quarter while the "3-On-A-Lot" index was up a very healthy 7.1%.  Set against the same quarter last year, only the "Two-On-A-Lot" index show a dip in pr...

  • South Bay Residential Property Results For September 2019

    BY Joe Safranek

    10/7/19 - For September, prices were up by a whopping 36% in Hermosa Beach thanks to new construction while Manhattan Beach prices were down 10% as sales were off there by 40% from the previous month.  Torrance sales were down by 8%. Call me if y...

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