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  • How To Merge Styles in Your New Home

    BY Joe Safranek

    Is it time to take the big leap and move in to a new home with your partner? No doubt you’re excited about this milestone in your relationship. You’ll now have someone to share the ins and outs of your day-to-day life. But... 

  • Get Your Home Ready for Back-to-School Season

    BY Joe Safranek

    It’s hard to believe, but summer is winding down and kids will be heading back to school soon – if they haven’t started already. If you’re looking around your home wondering how you’re going to get organized for... 

  • Cheering Up The Home

    BY Joe Safranek

    The holidays are a distant memory, and now you have to slog through a barrage of dark, frigid days until spring makes its glorious appearance. To escape that persistent winter funk, shake off that heated Snuggie and take... 

  • Keeping The Washing Machine Humming

    BY Joe Safranek

    Prolong the life of your washing machine and keep it operating at peak performance with the following tips: • Don’t overload your machine. Oversized loads can become unevenly distributed and throw the machine off balance. •... 

  • The Tricky Garage Door

    BY Joe Safranek

    Garage door openers have a tension knob on the back of the opener which needs to be adjusted to the weight of the door. In the winter, wooden doors may absorb moisture which makes them heavier. This will result in the door... 

  • No More Deadly Doorknobs

    BY Joe Safranek

    The healthy-home movement is gaining traction, and more builders are offering products to help owners maintain cleaner homes. KB Home announced this week that it will offer door hardware on its new homes that has antimicrobial... 

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