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  • Infograph Of State Housing Bill 50

    BY Joe Safranek

    6/8/19 – State Bill 50 will forever alter the landscape of California cities and how people go about their daily lives.  Here’s an infograph of how the bill, in its current iteration, intends to solve the housing... 

  • 5 Tips for Multigenerational Living

    BY Joe Safranek

    Multigenerational living has been on the rise in America in the last few years. According to the Pew Research Center, analysis of the most recent census data shows that 57 million Americans – over 18 percent of the population... 

  • Short-term Rentals In Manhattan Beach Still Ok

    BY Joe Safranek

    The Manhattan Beach City Council opened the door to allowing short-term rentals within the city by agreeing to consider a length of stay restriction and host fee. Short-term rentals are currently illegal as the city researches... 

  • Printing Out A Home

    BY Joe Safranek

    In the near future, building a new home may be as easy as printing out an airline boarding pass.  New Story, a charity that works to build houses for people in developing nations, and Icon, a robotics construction company... 

  • Getting Ready For The Big One

    BY Joe Safranek

    A 4.0-magnitude earthquake was felt across Southern California in the early morning of Thursday, January 25.  The quake struck an area of the Santa Ana Mountains straddling Riverside and Orange counties, according to the... 

  • Cities Falling Short On Housing Construction

    BY Joe Safranek

    The state housing department released its first list showing how many California cities and counties are meeting their local homebuilding goals. The conclusion: More than 500 local jurisdictions — 98 percent of those... 

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