Keeping The Washing Machine Humming

Prolong the life of your washing machine and keep it operating at peak performance with the following tips:

• Don’t overload your machine. Oversized loads can become unevenly distributed and throw the machine off balance.

• Use the correct amount of detergent—too much and you’ll need to wash your clothes again; too little and your clothes may not get clean. Consider the dirtiness of the clothes, the size of the load, and your water hardness to determine the right amount of detergent to use.

• Regularly inspect the hoses to ensure that they aren’t bulging or cracked, and that the fittings aren’t corroded. Hoses and fittings should be replaced every 3 to 4 years, regardless of visible condition.

• Use a carpenter’s level to ensure the machine is stable. A washing machine that isn’t level moves around, creating stress within the machine.

• Once a month, pour 2 cups of chlorine bleach or white vinegar and 1/2 cup of detergent in the washer and run an empty cycle. This will remove detergent buildup and help decrease germ growth in the washer.

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