Government Fees Add To Housing Costs in Redondo Beach

With development on an upswing in Redondo Beach, the city council voted unanimously on Tuesday to more than triple the fees residential developers pay to fund and maintain public parks.

The council decided in a rare 5-to-0 decision, to increase from $7,500 to $25,000 the capped amount developers will have to pay per unit added to a given property. Developers adding more than 50 units have the option to set aside a portion of land for parks.

The charges are known as Quimby Fees based on a state law that authorized them. The city council previously voted in June as part of budget discussions to raise the rates to $15,000.

Increasing the capped rate to $25,000 puts Redondo Beach at the higher end of the spectrum compared to nearby cities Manhattan Beach, which charges $1,817 per unit, and Hermosa Beach at $14,096 for condos and $7,332 for all other new units. Redondo Beach city staff had to look as far as Newport Beach to find a cap higher than Redondo Beach at $26,125.

The rate hike would likely bring in an additional $250,000 to $2 million, according to a city staff report.

Source:  The Beach Reporter

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