Marcia Wong

‟Joe and I met in July 2010 when I chose him to list my childhood home of 53 years. I enlisted his services again in November 2021 when I was ready to sell another family home of 54 years. Both homes sold quickly, and closed on time, with Joe’s expert handling of both transactions. I liked Joe from our first meeting. He is soft-spoken and listens to your needs. He is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and finance, which is very comforting when looking for someone to represent you in one of the most expensive business transactions of your life. He handles everything himself from listing day through the close of escrow. Joe is the person I would go to if I ever need to sell another home. I’m sure he is just as diligent when representing a buyer. I respect him for his integrity and honesty in his business dealings and would highly recommend him for your real estate needs.” Read More ▾

Lloyd Nina Mae Mejorada

‟Thanks Joe for helping us get our very first house. It’s definitely not the easiest but it was a great and exciting journey. Thanks for all your help!”

Naoko Iida

‟I could only devote so much time to the details of buying my home so I trusted Joe to guide me.  My faith and confidence in him were well-placed.  The process went more smoothly than I ever could have imagined.  I was presented information in a timely manner without feeling overwhelmed and, whenever I needed him, he was always immediately available.  I am most grateful.” Read More ▾

Sheila Podgurski

‟This was our home for over 30 years and a lot had been accumulated.  Joe provided numerous resources to assist me in getting the home ready for sale.  And he even pitched in with some yard work!  And he continues to help me even after escrow has closed!  I can't imagine receiving any better guidance than what he gave me.  Joe was so patient and understanding throughout the 4-5 months we worked together.  I am grateful he was with me through this process.” Read More ▾

Ralph & Jean Gabuat

‟This was our very first home purchase and Joe provided us with invaluable educational material to review before we started visiting homes.  We felt really comfortable and confident by the time we started making offers.  We were so prepared and knew how everything flowed.  Joe was there at every turn, responding quite promptly to any questions or concerns we had as well as taking proactive actions to prevent potential issues from coming up.  We will gladly and strongly suggest his services to our friends and anyone else.” Read More ▾

Max & Machiko Tojo

‟We couldn't have asked for more from Joe.  He was extremely patient in this tough market for buyers as we searched for home throughout Torrance, San Pedro, and Long Beach.  We worked with him before and knew how proficient he was with every single aspect of buying and selling real estate.  We are so appreciative of his services and knowledge.”

Tim Wong

‟Joe is an agent unlike any of the other agents I've worked with in the past.  His deep knowledge of so many aspects of real estate was rather impressive, yet he also provided a comforting human touch when needed.  I could go into detail but he went well above and beyond what I believe is customarily expected from an agent. I recommend Joe with the highest enthusiasm to anyone who is looking for home.   He'll give highly valuable insight into the purchase while being there every step of the way.  ” Read More ▾

Jason Testa & Paola DaSilva

‟We originally started our search in the South Bay area, in Torrance, Lawndale, and Hawthorne.  Joe provided us with great information on these markets to make us feel confident about any decision we would make.  We ended up buying outside of the South Bay but Joe was with us the entire way.  He made sure everything got done in a timely manner throughout escrow and with zero drama.” Read More ▾

Mike & Karen Bleier

‟Just where do I begin?!?!  Simply getting the contract accepted took over a month of back and forth negotiations with the seller and her lawyer due to the situation with the individual living at the home.  So many stops and starts.  Exhausting!  Joe was there, thought, every step of the way, including an intense long holiday weekend.  Our best interests always seemed to his guiding light.” Read More ▾

Frank Hernandez & Aida Gonzalez

‟Joe is on your side and comes with years of experience. You'll be very happy with him by your side when you find your next home .  He's the best Realtor we've ever worked with. He'll take care of you from the beginning and way beyond the end, making sure that you're happy with your new home.”

Jimi Hazen

‟This was my first home purchase so I had a lot of questions.  Joe was very patient with me and explained everything clearly.  I really had no worries or concerns from the very start of getting qualified for a loan to the end and having the house keys in my hand.  I felt quite confident from beginning to end thanks to Joe.” Read More ▾

Alex & Glenda Foster

‟There was some confusion over an issue I had with the lender. Given Joe's background in finance, he was able to quickly and easily explain things to me in a straightforward manner. He could 'talk the talk' of a banker when he needed to while keeping it simple to me.”

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