Rebeca Fuehrer

‟We worked with Joe before in the South Bay and couldn’t imagine not using him anywhere else. He researched the area and advised us on certain issues specific to the home we eventually bought in Lakewood. It was sold ‘as-is’ with the seller doing nothing to the property and providing no credits. Joe was somehow able to get us a few thousand dollars from the seller to help us pay for our closing costs. Very nice!” Read More ▾

Steve Ward

‟I was thrilled with the price Joe got for us, though I was concerned about the buyers' low down payment and the increased scrutiny of the appraisal.  With his appraisal background and strong knowledge of the local market, Joe got us through without any issues.”

Alex Foster

‟There was some confusion over an issue I had with the lender. Given Joe's background in finance, he was able to quickly and easily explain things to me in a straightforward manner. He could 'talk the talk' of a banker when he needed to while keeping it simple to me.”

Silvia Ward

‟I was extremely anxious as a rate-lock deadline approached. Joe just absorbed and dissipated all my worries by getting various parties to act quickly. He knew what to do, when to do it, and most importantly, how to do it. Joe stepped up when I truly believe most agents would have folded.”

Max Saito

‟I was hoping for a smooth, hassle-free sale and that’s exactly what Joe delivered. He understands the process and has amazing organizational skills. He did a great job of keeping me informed every step of the way. No surprises at all.”

Daniel & Gina Schleyer

‟Everything went perfectly. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Joe’s efforts.  His advice on a number of  issues and the options he pointed out were sharp and well thought out.  From staging the home to negotiating the offer to closing escrow, Joe was always there and on point.”

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