Achieving Your Investment Goals

Whether an acquisition or disposition of a single-family home or multi-family apartment, a 1031 Exchange or an NPV or IRR calculation on a prospective purchase, I can provide the necessary tools and resources to maximum benefit for you.

In representing your interests on a sale or purchase, I look forward to putting my sales and financial background to work for you.  Here’s an outline of how I approach the disposition of an income-producing property:

In representing prospective buyers, I prepare custom property reports that analyze in detail the cash flows and yields of the property over a period of 10 years to ensure an acceptable investment return.

To get started, I first need to understand your current situation so give me a call at (310) 897-4719 and let’s set up a time to meet. You can also contact me by leaving a message below.  I’ll get back to you within two hours of receipt of your information.


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