Home Improvements To Put Off The Neighbors

There are a few home improvement projects that, while certainly well-intentioned, are likely to make your neighbors cringe. We’re not saying you should skip them altogether, but if you take on one of these upgrades, make sure to do it in a way that won’t make you that guy. 

Additions that take away a view…or offer too much

Nobody likes their stellar view of a city skyline, mountains, or the sun suddenly gone. The opposite is true, too. Say that when you put in your gorgeous new addition, you didn’t take into account where your windows line up with your neighbors’ house. No big deal, right? Well, that depends on whether or not your neighbors like to get comfortable inside their homes.

Long, industrious renovation projects

If you’re going to start a home renovation project, please—for the love of all that is holy—finish it in a timely manner.

Also not appreciated by neighbors is a a permanent front yard landscape palette that features weeds and chain-link construction fence and lingers for months.  The same goes for any project that causes endless noise or inconvenience to your neighbors.

Gaudy colors

Make sure to check your HOA guidelines and neighborhood covenants before embarking on a paint job—they could restrict your choices.

Outdoor living spaces

Over the past few years, patios and yards have become a full-blown extension of the living space. Think outdoor fire pits, expansive TVs, sound systems, hot tubs, kitchens, etc.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but any time you make such outdoor improvements, it might make your neighbors a little skittish over how you’re going to use that new, luxe space.

Manicured lawns

Nothing drives neighbors nuts faster than a lawn maintenance team that mows early in the morning.  Equally, if not more, offensive: If all your leaves are blown into your neighbor’s yard.

Extra lighting

A lot of lighting in your backyard can improve home security, add to the atmosphere, and ensure parties don’t have to end once it gets dark. Just know where the lights are shining, hopefully not off your neighbor’s side wall, and at what hours.

The bottom line: You can avoid most kerfuffles with your neighborhood or HOA by simply being a kind and courteous neighbor.

Source:  Realtor.com

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