Making A Statement With The Ceiling

How much thought do you give to the ceilings in your home? Probably not much but you may be missing out on a great decorating opportunity. Today, the ceiling is being called the “fifth wall,” and it’s a great place to add color, texture, and interest to a space that is often ignored.  Here are a number of super cool ideas.


Who doesn’t love a rustic beam (or 10!)? It’s the classic way to make a room feel intimate, give it architectural interest, or even hide some structural stuff if you’re opening up walls and need reinforcement.

Paint it

The right hue up above can take a good space and make it amazing. This dreamy sea blue makes walking down the hall a pleasure, but with so much allure in what could just be a “pass-through,” you might actually want to have a seat and stay awhile.


In a large space without a lot of architectural detail, moldings on the ceiling can create just the right amount of interest.


You don’t need a Parisian pied-à-terre to create historic-feeling character in your home. A medallion and some intricate moldings on the ceiling can transform a room. You can find vintage medallions at architectural salvage stores, and a variety of newer versions at Lowe’s.

Or, use a stencil and some metallic paint to create a one-of-a-kind ceiling.


You may not be up to recreating the Sistine Chapel a la Michelangelo, but you may be able to reference another masterpiece. This ceiling in a London townhouse looks like a Mondrian come to life.


Wallpaper on the ceiling? It’s the perfect accent for this sweet New York nursery.

Stop just short of mirrors

This glossy finish is a much more sophisticated way of creating a reflective surface on the ceiling that gives the room a touch of class and loads of interest while keeping everything sleek and inviting.


Source:  Realty Times

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